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Turnabout is Fair Play

He's sweet, isn't he?

Well, let me tell you something...

Yesterday I missed the last two stairs and fell hard onto twisted up legs. Like a pretzel but less graceful.

I got home, made supper, fed The Cat, wrote my sermon and prepared for Worship. Then I Had a hot shower, put on warm pjs and went to bed.

Usually I'm a side sleeper. Not last night. Bruises on both sides, meant I had to sleep on my back. Which meant I snore.

Sir V takes it VERY personally when I snore. So much so that he'll come into the bedroom, get onto the bed and unceremoniously smack me in the face with his paw, which is soaking wet from playing in the toilet.

Last night he did it FOUR times. I was not best pleased, to say the least.

And so I decided to get my own back on him. He was sleeping soundly in the living room. I got up about 3:00 am for a drink of water and carefully hobbled into the living room. I looked at him adoringly and then I poked him with my finger. He grunted and opened his eye. I poked him again. He grunted again.

"It's not nice when someone wakes you up, is it?" I asked him.

He yawned, grunted, turned around and went back to sleep.

Cats are assholes. It's a good thing they're cute.

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