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His Name is Sir V.

I have a cat. His full name is Sir Vincent of Carmelite, originally from Welland, Ontario. He was initially adopted by my friend and colleague E. He was instrumental in E meeting her wife J. A couple of years ago E retired and she and J planned to move across the country from BC to PEI. Sir V told them that he'd rather die then spent days and days in a car. He can be VERY dramatic. And so, understanding his age and temperament they put a post out on FB and IG asking if there was anyone in the Kootenays who would be interested.

I submitted an inquiry. We met (again) and after some time cuddling, and in conversation, Sir V decided I would do. I'd be an adequate indentured servant. The drive from the West to the East Kootenays was filled with meows of annoyance. A couple of purrs and a slight snore or two as he settled into the trip. We've been together nearly three years. And as much as I might complain about his stubborn-ness or the wet paw prints on the toilet seat, he's been a Godsend during this tumultuous time.

In this section of the blog you'll read stories about our antics. They may seem out of this world, yet I assure you. They are all true. Please keep in mind, I'm not fluent in feline. He's trying to teach me, but I'm sure he'd tell you I'm fairly stupid. So, where I don't know the English translation, I can usually figure out the emotional meaning.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the nonsense he gets up to. To be fair, the nonsense we both get up to. Because if it was only one of us, would it be a conversation? I don't think so.

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