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Sorry for the silence --

I have no excuse...that's not exactly true, I have plenty of excuses but none of them really matter. The truth is, it's been a hard slog lately. I'm doing "okay", yet not much more than that. My flat is a mess. It won't take long to clean and organise. The get up and go has got up and run away. Who am I trying to kind...the get up and go has meandered and gotten lost.

Work is good. I got a promotion, which is great, other than it puts more work on my already full plate. My plan for the summer was to connect in person with my colleagues in the Region. Haven't made it to any of them. No time. Too many funerals, coupled with three flights in three weeks. Flying is my least favourite form of travel.

Anxiety always spikes, and so I put my tools into practice. Counting, humming, pacing, breathing, etc.

Every week after I post my sermon, I debate what else I need to say and most Sunday's I plan to post on Monday and then don't. Again, the gumption is gone.

I need help from my Parish and I'm asking for the help. I need my routine re-established so I can relax into the "normalcy" of routine.

Sir V is NOT helping as he's discovered climbing on my lap for attention.

But that is a story for another day.

Be well everyone.

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